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Belle Massey

Belle Massey

Baltimore, MD


Belle Massey, Fine Artist

- a native Baltimorean, takes a calculated approach to her paintings - thinking and strategizing before execution - what subject will give God the most glory as a completed piece? "I never know in my head how it will turn out - but in my heart I purpose for the paint strokes to speak loud enough for someone to hear - to be ministered to in some way. Sometimes the message is complicated, but if it only ministers to one person - as does God's spoken word on occasion, it served its purpose for that time and that individual."

A Maryland Institute College of Art graduate '82, Belle says she doesn't like to be labeled a particular kind of artist - I embrace any number of subjects for painting: still life, landscapes, portraits, moods, etc...but if you must put me in a box, I'm comfortable with the title, 'fine art painter'.

"I enjoy stepping back a few feet from an image to see the anointing of God in its development. I give Him the glory and credit for what I am able to do. I don't find it ordinary - nor do I take it for granted. Praise Him!!!"

Belle feels blessed to capture the 'essence of her faith' and interpret scripture whenever possible - her first aim - to give God glory for the 'coming together of each piece.' Oftentimes, feeling guilty for not having the time to paint more (because of other talents that pull me away sometimes), Belle says, "I'd like to think that during the times when I'm not painting that I'm working a painting out in my mind months before applying the brush to canvas.

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Portrait of Chelsea Batty by Belle Massey


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Jimi Hendrix W by Belle Massey


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James Brown King of Soul by Belle Massey


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Baby Girl by Belle Massey


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I Am Dark But Comely by Belle Massey


Mirror Heritage by Belle Massey


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Marley by Belle Massey


Rastaman by Belle Massey


The Diva by Belle Massey


Belle's Flowers - Summer 2011 by Belle Massey


Enter-Racial Praise by Belle Massey


In His Presence by Belle Massey


Little Jasmine by Belle Massey


Mandela by Belle Massey


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